Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Two of them have arrived, and two are yet to get here.
Tonight they will be three, and by saturday they will be four.
4 girls, 3 arrivals, 2 months, 1 apartment
4 girls, 1 bed
4 girls, 1 wanna-be bed
4 girls, 1 bathroom,
4 girls, 1 kitchen,
4 girls , 1 city.

Wednseday June 30, 2010 is when the story began...(actually, come to think about it, it started months and months ago, but let's just start with today...)

Rawane and I met at the airport this morning. My brothers and her brother were there to say their last goodbyes, and mainly help with the luggage (you know, its what men are good at!)
Romy was there too, we almost packed her and got her with us. (IF ONLY we could, we love youu Romyy!!)

Waiting at the airport was quite funny, there were little hyper kids all around! :-D .. it was quite entertaining for us...

We left, slept on the plane, and got to BERLIN! :-)

A WOO HOO is an understatement. We arrived this afternoon to Berlin. We did a little happy dance everywhere we went! We came to the apartment by cab which was really only 15 mins away from the airport.

The weather is very nice, it's sunny and not humid at all!
The area is great, there are trees everywhere, and everyone goes around on bikes. (We have a bike shop right under our building :-) )

We went up, and there it was, our new little apartment. It's very cute!
Yes, kinda small, well not just kinda, it's quite small, but we will be fine (hopefully,euhm). Let's just say there's one bedroom, and that bed barely fits in the room!
It is very white and very bright. It has everything, washing machine, dish washer, microwave, plates, cups, ironer, towels, extra pillows, Tv, Hoover... you name it, we got it!!

We had a nice walk to get to know the area a little, we have a starbucks very close, 3 supermarkets, malls and there are a lot of Arabs who speak German so we were able to ask around a bit.

We went to the supermarket called "LiDL" and got a few of the basics like bread, juice, milk, cornfalkes, toilet paper ... Well technically water has to be the first of the basics but considering we dont know the language very well (actually not at all) we got a pack of 6 gaseous water! So we thought let's be all Lebanese on them and try to return the remaining 5 (since we already opened 1). We carried them and head back to the market, and they were so kind and directly gave us back the money, and we got some real, natural, drinking water :-).

We like them Germans. They're cool!

The metro is 2 mins away from our apartment. We went there to figure out which train to take tomorrow to go to work, and we stopped at the pastery shop inside to get the information. At first we barely understood each other since we were trying to communicate in English; then Rawane and I adressed each other in Arabic and he screams out: "Bti7keh Arabe?" Turns our\t he's Syrian and has been here for a year. He was very helpful and very friendly.

So far so good.


We're chillin at the apartment now, waiting for Dania to get here!