Thursday, September 23, 2010

Leaving Berlin...

August 30: Last Day in Berlin

Woke up and started packing.

The whole day went fast and it fluctuated between efficiently packing at times, and stalling at other times because we were sad about leaving.

We kept on packing until slowly the areas were getting empty, the closets, the drawers, the room, the kitchen, the bathroom... Everything was packed in the bags and ready to leave, except for us.

At night, we had a little gathering in a German restaurant (we had to leave the right way, and end it with a real German meal). Sven, Andi, Tino, David, Bram, Claudia, and Felix, all joined us to say goodbye. But no, it was not a "goodbye", we couldnt just call it that, it was a "hopefully see you real soon" dinner.

Beer Tower. 3 m long. Chugs! And yet another 3 m. More Chugs! A 1 meter right after. More, and More Chugs! Good Food. Beautiful people. A Speech for our incredible blond girl (Dania..just in case!). Hugs, endless hugs, and then we left. We got on the train, the last train we took all four of us together back to our little apartment, our little white apartment, back to our home.
Tears. Hugs. Ice cream. Coffee. Choco Croissant. Burger? Fries?

Went back home, continued packing. A couple of hours later, the taxi came to take us away.

Everything in the house was back in place as we started to leave, one after the other until it was empty again. Empty and ready to house new people. New people who will have their own memories in that place that has become our home. Empty like the day we first entered with every excitment in the world ready to take on our 2 months. (well not quite the same as the first day we got there, we maybe broke a couple of things like the shower, a lamp which broke itself on me but still, a chair which still looks like it holds but doesnt really, salt shaker...and maybe a couple of more that i might have willingly forgotten about!)

Our home was now ready to be someone else's home. We left, took a last look back at our door, our building, our street, got everything in the taxi and drove away.

We arrived to the airport, and Claudia met us there for a last goodbye.

We got on the plane. And there it was.

1 summer.
1 aparmtent.
2 months.
4 girls.
1 family.
1 city.

We left. We left our city, but we wont be gone for long. We will be back. We will be back together again, one day.

Dania: To Berlin, to every person, every dog, every park, every building, every station, every Ubahn, every street performer, every punk, every S-bahn, every beach chair, every graffiti, every disco ball, every afterhours, every bike, every event, every Turk, every German...I believed in you, I worked hard for you, and you, you were there for me, you surpassed my every expectation, and you became my wonderland. To you Berlin, I miss you.

Rawane: To Berlin, the city that showed me what it felt like to be in love..

Tala: To Berlin, you gave us the freedom we were all looking for.

Zeina: To Berlin, thank you for giving me the meaning of freedom, love, and change in the absolute…

We left you Berlin, but we will never forget you or what you gave us.
This is our goodbye, until we meet again.


  1. Together or Apart ..

    Whether u were in the same country or in different countries, u will remain :

    " Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants "
    (u should watch all of u that movie :) its a very cute movie, with a great meaning, mayb at that time u will get more what im talking about ;) )

    Each with a Story .. Each with a Vision .. Each with her own special Aim & Quest .. For each one of u is unique in her own special ways.. But mostly what im sure of is that each with her Experiences as " The Experience " of a lifetime, and the living memories to witness & to share.

    Berlin was just the Beginning.

    Who knows what comes next.

    It changed u forever i can imagine , from the girls u were before, to what u r now, and to what u will be after ..

    Hope u will always keep that Promise towards each other, to be able to give each other, the ultimate gift of Friendship, that is being next to each other at each crossroad .. sometimes waiting, other times standing still, or walking side by side, other times by being active towards every single detail, or catching each other when someone falls ..

    Together or Apart.

    Zeina, i always enjoy reading ur words. They are as well as ur description of things simply amazing .. Hope u wont ever give up on this blessing .. and hope it will be ur way to share with people all that is worth living .. all that matters .. LIFE with every single detail .. Ur amazing !! Kisses :)

  2. Zeina, something tells me that was the end of season 1... the best is yet to come for you girls,



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