Thursday, August 12, 2010

Next stop is Amsterdam.

Friday August 6 2010:

We all got home from work earlier than usual, packed our bags, had a big and good healthy burger king meal, and head to the bus. We found the bus very easily and we were right on time to get relatively good seats next to each other.

10 hours later.

We got to AMSTERDAM!!! ... A WOO HOO!
Got to the station.

Got to their house. Put our things there.
And then it all began. It was like an on-going roller coaster of laughter, laughter, laughter and beautiful things.

Dance Valley: Wonderland

5 girls. Skipping around. Skipping the people to get to the door, a la Libanaise.
And there it was.
The big dance event. A huge and beautiful dance event. Big park. Big park filled with different tents and stages. Every tent to a Dj, while the next one followed. Other tents: dress up tents, happy tents, a ferris wheel. Beautiful tents. Beautifully spread out. One big main stage. Colorful. Magical. Like it was coming out of a movie. Fantastistical. Music. It was all in the music, the lights, and of course, the rain! It rained non-stop. Music and Rain. And more music. Inspiring. Releasing. Freeing. From tent to tent. From one beat to the other. Moving with every drop of rain. It was like "a big playground for grown-ups". And then, with the nightfall, the lights were ready for their show. It was beautiful. We danced. Eyes closed. To the music. With the rain. Jumped and Jumped. Held hands. And danced evermore.

After Dance Valley we head back Home.
6 girls. 2 room.
3 girls. One bed. One pillow. One fake pillow. One cover.
2 girls. One bed. And the third one on the floor.

Day 2:

Woke up. Got to Amsterdam. Got ourselves bikes and started touring the city.
Going around the canal, over the bridges, through the streets, between the buildings, it gave us a different view of the city. We got to Vondelpark. Fountain. Water. Duck. 5 girls. Laughing and laughing. And kept on laughing. All the afternoon. We sat in the park, by the water and just exchanged "thoughts" and laughed. We even had the sun set on our noses.
We then had a long, long, dinner where food just kept coming to our table and we kept on it. It was great. After that we biked to Red Light District. Women. On the window. Red lights. Selling themselves to everyone passing by. It was sad. but that doesnt mean we stopped laughing at any point.
Then Exit. Gay bar. 6 girls. Fun music. Dancing the night away. "Voulez-vous couchez avec moi ce soir" and there it was. Battle between gay guys and 6 girls. Hot battle. Fun battle. That just ended with more laughter.

Slept by the canal as the light was coming up and while we waited for the station to open. Went back home at around 6:30.
5 girls. One room. One mattress. 3 girls. One cover. One pillow. One metal bed. 2 girls. One cover. One pillow. It couldnt get any better than that.

Day 3:

Woke up and head to Amsterdam. Canal tour. Very educational Canal tour. Then one long, long, long, loongg lunch/dinner ending with the sweetest vanilla ice cream in the cutest cups.

Head back home to pack and get to the bus. Then one thing lead to the other and we missed our bus. Missing our bus was like a slap in the face. By that time everything was on the verge of closing. Went to the main station and tried to look into every possibility that could take us back to Berlin the soonest. Every one of us tried to contact our friends in Berlin asking them to look up possibilities for us. And then randomly, Dania's friend from work, Sarah found a woman who was driving from Amsterdam to Berlin the next day and had 4 places in her car. So we took her number and sent her a message that night. Hoping and waiting for her answer. We then decided to sleep in the station because we're cool like that. But then, they kicked us and the hobos.

We then decided to sleep on the deck by the canal and took out practically all our clothes to keep warm, but that was an ultimate fail. We practically froze and really couldnt fall asleep for a second. Well Rawane found it easy to sleep, as she had basically slept throughout most of the night (even when we realized we missed our bus).

Dania then found a cheap hotel room nearby. One bed. Four girls. Tiny room. No bathroom. Smelled like weed. Looked like crap. Well, it couldnt get any better than that.

We directly fell asleep because we were dead tired and so tomorrow can come faster.

Day 4?

The next morning Edith, the car-pooling woman, sends us a message that we can go with her.

We got a very fast breakfast. Then hurried to meet up with the big red volvo at 12:30. The ride was smooth and comfortable. Edith was sweet and friendly. She had great music.

6:30 hours later we were in Berlin. It felt good to be back home.

Amsterdam. Beautiful city of laughter.
It was one good trip.

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