Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Wednesday night:

It all started with a station, a power station, an old one.. that has remained untouched. 

We got in, very easily.

The lights were there again, flashing.. Red.. Blue.. in an intensity your eyes could only  try to imagine.

The disco ball was there too, how could it not be.. we were still in Berlin after all..  We got into the tunnel.. a tunnel that seemed so deep, so dark, with an exception of the sudden flashes of light.. One of the trippiest entrances ever, we walked, we floated, we got there.

We got there only to be greeted by a balloon stuffed braw on a drag queen Dj and a man next to him with a lollipop stand.

Moving on to a sandy beach like outside area.. the usual.

Then we go in.


The music started to sink in.

It was insane. The music was insane.. And so were the people.

It was getting louder, louder, louder, until it couldn't get any louder. Our hearts throbbed to the music as every part of our body attempted to follow it, moving in ways, so spontaneous, so real. We were in the music and the music was in us, building up, moving through us, from our feet, to our heads, going into our minds breaking through the ceiling and up into the sky.

Then came the smoke.. the blinding magical smoke.

It was insane.

It was a magical spot where time and place merged into one.

It was a magical other dimension, where time and place seized to exist.

Out of the blue, jumps Spiderman, on the bar.. Dancing his brains out.. following the music blindly, moving hiss ass of , to the point of almost seizing.

It was insane. The music was insane.

Getting lost on the way out.

Finding a magical ball of Energy.

The trippiest of all that is trippy.

A transparent globe , withholding  energy, emitting it. Electricity at your fingertips, following every little gesture of your hand. A chain of actions and reactions, a magical chain, creating its own world, creating its own globe of hypnotizing light.

That night we danced the night away. We danced like there was no tomorrow, no future. We danced like there was no past, We danced like there was no present.

It was insane. The music was insane.

"There are no words."

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