Thursday, July 1, 2010

First Day at work

Thursday July 1, 2010: First day at work

Last night, after Dania got here (and you know and after releasing all the excitement and energy) we all hung out on the sofa bed (which wouldn't fully open, by the way, so we had the little one- Dania- sleep on it "diagonally" because it had failed in its attempt to become a bed) and got out all the possible maps around to try to figure out to what station each one of us has to head to to get to work.

After having thought out the stations the night before, we woke up, at around 8:30-9 with a plan of each heading to work solo. Rawane was not very much for it, she doesnt really like to ride solo. (i wish we had listened to her!)

Then we decided to all wait for Patrik who works with Dania to get to our apartment in order for him to explain more accurately what we need to do, just so that we dont end up missing at some point during the day. (EUHM!) He was of great help!

A little background on Patrik:
He is 1/2 Lebanese 1/2 German and has been living in Berlin for 6 months now, so practically he owns it. He has been helping us since the day we decided to come here by checking out apartments for us.

So we all left from the same station "Bismack str." but each heading to a different direction. Patrik and Dania went off on the second or third stop, then I got off and took another train to get to my company, and Rawane continued until she reached "Rosa-Luxemburg Platz" where she gets off to go to work.

Dania's ofice turned out to be realllyy small (she barely fits in it, and she's quite a small one!). Sven, the boss is really nice, and so is everyone else, but no one really talks much. However they managed to bond very beautifully: they are all blond with blue eyes, so really there wasnt much that needed to be said. The office is "not hip, nor cool" as she described it, and they sit on stools that hurt their backs; however, there is one really cool guy that sits in the corner. ;-)

My office was very interesting. It was very easy to find it. Anna was there at the shop when i went in. And then i met Christian, my French boss, who turned out to be a bit nicer than what i was dreading. Its not that he's not nice or that he is nice, he just doesnt know how to. He could try a bit harder but that's not the point. It only took one french word: "Taille Crayon" which i translated to English for him, and now we're, what i like to think, best friends for life. The work is very tiring, i had to bind 100 books! It was like what Dania likes to call "a sweatshop". It wasnt "like" what she likes to call it, IT IS A SWEATSHOP!

Moving on...

Rawane's office is exactly where she belongs. Christian and Ann are her two bosses(its only them three in the office and i think they want to adopt her!) and she's growing to love them. She has her own mac at the office which types the weird German letters. She had a little walk with her boss to have lunch, and now, 3 hours after she was supposed to have finished work, she's not here!! We cant find her, we dont know where to look!! Her phone is off, and we cant reach her in any way!! We worriedd!!! we dont knoww what to do!!! Where is shee?? Are we gonna go look for her when we dont even know where we are??

Where is she? :-(
we know she's lost, she does that! she gets lost!
but, she cant not come back! she has to!

We can call the police, and give them her picture. We can go roam all the streets and metros until we find her. We can.. i dont know what but there has to be something we can do.

Im sitting with Dania, in our living room. We're both quiet. Every now and then one of us says "Rawane", but it ends there. Our minds are racing, we dont know what to tell each other! She's still not here!

And still

And still...

Still :-(




Are we just going to become 2 again. And then, when Tala gets here, we'll be three. Only 3?
It cant be she has to come back at some point.

Maybe in a month?




THE interphonnee is RINGINGGG!! SHE's BACKKK!! We jumped and screamed. I ran down to open the door for her, it was very emotional (well as emotional as this situation can be) we hugged for a while (maybe it was too long but oh well). We went up, Dania went crazy on her. Murder crazy!

But we're good now.

All three again, waiting to become four.


  1. hahayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!
    i love this....
    keep up the good work girl.... ;)
    as if im reading a novel... zee iza 3ambi3azbuke bil sheghel miss call wa7ad bkun 3indik.... miss call wa7ad... :D love u!!!!!!

  2. so what was Rawanne doing in that missing time..... ? :P
    P.s we need more pictures os you guys in Berlin... what's to say the apartment is not somewhere in Beirut, and you never got to Belrin?? Ha ha.