Monday, July 12, 2010

Saturday Morning

It took us about two hours to actually leave the house, one hour to pick a bike each
And off we went
After visiting a church where Rawane was taking pictures of pictures where she spotted Hitler (hoping to convince people she really did see him), and where Zeina was connecting with the spirits around her, we decided to go to Tiergarten. A park that turned out to withhold different surprises:
Nice doggies popping everywhere around us
A beautiful not so clean lake
And a million naked bald men lying around on the grass

When we got to the "naked bald men" spot, Rawane and Dania couldn't hold their giggles. While Zeina couldn't stop screaming: LAH LAH.... LAAAH

I was mature of course

So we went back home, then decided to go to Watergate.
Chilling in the outdoor area, then partying inside to beautiful house music wasn't enough for Dania... LET's TRY BERGHAIN AGAIN.
If you hadn't read our older embarrassing wall post exactly one week ago, you should know that we had been stripped off of our self-esteem, after waiting in a two hour queue, by big scary bouncers who "don't want it". "It" as in us... weren't even acceptable enough to be subjects to them.
So off we went to Berghain, waited for an hour and a half, huge line before and behind us, 6 in the morning, blaming each other for being the reason we didn't get in last time. We got to the front of the line, put on our careless faces and forced "natural" poses, took the scary bouncer 3 seconds to mumble something in German while pointing out
Dania: We're not going in?
Bouncer dude: No

Walk of shame number two
followed by re-questioning our personalities
followed by... "Guys, let's go bike in the park"

One hour in the S-Bahn
It took us a lot of effort to avoid falling asleep (we failed)
But we didn't miss the stop, we pulled ourselves together, and ended up being on those bikes again, sprinting towards the park. There we were, Rawane, Dania and Tala (Flashback, Zeina before Berghain: That idea sucks I'm going home), with our bikes parked next to a tree, lying there on the grass in the morning sun. We kind of knew where we were. We kind of knew what was to be surrounding us once we open our eyes. And...there they were, just about one hour of sleep later, Naked, Bald, and There. Striking unsuccessful Greek God-like poses, or just playing around with their little dogs.
You'd think we woke each other up and ran away.
We didn't.

After that
Showers, putting on swimsuits, debating over if we should go or not, etc...
A couple of hours later we were in Arena (in Eichenstra├če), in a pool on the lake, let's just say we even had to be in a queue to get in the pool.
Later we attempted to watch the finale in
But we just ended up going back home and sleeping like babies

Eventually, it all felt like it was still Saturday Morning

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