Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tis a sad sad day for all

It's here... The game... Germany/Spain...Semi-final... The last match between us and the final... it was going to happen... We were going to be IN Germany to watch Germany in the final... We felt it... enno 4-0 against Argentina! it was in the bag!

If only we knew....

The day passed pretty quickly at the office... Well, probably because we all left early at about 5:30 or 6, to meet in one of the stations. No the game isn't this early here, it's at 8:30, but apparently we had to go early to the place we were gonna watch it at.

As usual, there was a huge queue and we waited, and waited and waited for about 1.5 or 2 hours! Inside, was super cool.

It's a place called Burg 24, and as so many other places here, it seems it was made out of garbage! There's a huge cabin which seems, i swear, to have been built exclusively with junk found at a dump. It was beautiful randomness with clothes and sneakers hanging over our heads, hammocks, bars, a pool, a skateboarding ramp and a kind of mini stadium with a big screen.

no cameras allowed!
I wasn't too pleased...

We all sat there and filled the places, all Germanians, all patriotic, all excited!
We watched the game..

It wasn't pretty...

They/we (well mostly they), chanted some Deutsch songs which we thought sound a lot like: "ab dakht nein, who's that whore! Who's that whore! who's that whooooooooore!" and that is how we sang. We did not stand out!

As the game dragged on, and the Spaniards were bringing it on while the Germans watched confused, there it was.. The goal.
Suddenly a group of Spanish people emerged from their somewhat camouflaged presence among the Germs and went crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

And here's the crazy part: The Germans didn't do anything to retaliate. They just sat there! Quietly! While the small outnumbered group of Spaniards were partying and gloating! Quite the sportsmanship! In Lebanon, there would've been bloody noses, broken bottles and some random angry guy burning a tire somewhere!

After the game, depression reigned. That is an understatement. People just kept sitting there, some with their head in their hands, others watching in disbelief, and others trying to drown out the sounds of the aftermatch commentary and the small Spanish group celebrating with beer, beer and more beer.

The only people out last night after the game were the Spanish, some French, British and a group of Lebanese girls (cz we, notoriously, get over sad stuff pretty quickly)!

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