Thursday, July 15, 2010

Work it!

A little update on our "work experience" so far:

Tala: interning at David O'reilly's office (Animation):
Tala has been learning MAYA (a very complicated and hard software that only by looking at it your mind might freeze for a second or so.. no, but really very complicated), she has been learning it through work and discovering it on her own. She's benefiting a lot from the internship, and the work space is comfortable and chill, and she enjoys work a lot. She always comes back home with new stories to tell us about either creating a character, or moving the character's finger or anything related to a character. It's always refreshing to hear her news since she comes back excited almost and practically every day.

Dania: interning at Viral Labs
Dania hadn't been enjoying the work as much. She had to work on an entire identity of a website (for children), and at the moment she's working on a youtube page for a channel for the middle east which is not really her definition of fun or exciting.

HOWEVER, yesterday while hanging out at work and dreading it at the same time, her second boss (whom she has recently met) walks in, plugs his laptop to the speakers and puts really good music on (high five!).. And then after a short while asks her if she wants to ditch the incredibly boring work she's doing and join him on his quest to find the right location for the next commercial they will be shooting. That quest was a little definiton of a bike ride (and by bike, we mean Motorcycle), across the coolest places in Berlin, with wind in the ends of her hair, and a great converstaion with quite a great guy. BY THE WAY, he asked her to be Assisstant Director on the shoot next week!
Work is getting exciting and fun. She came back home yesterday, excited as we have always seen Tala, as she told us about her day at "work".

Rawane: interning at Christian Weber's company.
Well, i am not sure what to say about that. Other than her occasional off days followed by occasionally starting work at 12, or sometimes 4, she was invited to dinner last night by her two bosses. I think they are smoothly becoming one little happy family. They all went grocery shopping together, and then they took her home and cooked for her. And they had a beautiful nice dinner all three of them with a lot, A LOT, and a little bit more than that, of wine. Perfect scene for Miss Khalil. Well she did work while she was there, she took pictures.
Other than her awesome-that-we-are-all-so-jealous bosses, she does work sometimes, sometimes in the office and often at home. She's been working on business cards and logos.
After all if it is fun, if it involves a lot of wine, and always has off days it doesnt mean it cant be called "work".

Zeina: interning at Bongout (and be careful there, it is not in English, but in french, bon gout, as in good taste: yes for all of you who want to mock her, they taught her that :P)
The sweatshop will always be a sweatshop no matter how hard it tries. Other than binding books, and packing books for shipping, they have generously taught her silkscreen printing, and she helped in printing out the poster for the upcoming film festival they are hosting (it is this weekend if anyone is interested.) Moreover, she has been doing all sorts of things at work like taking photographs of their work (paintings, books, plates, cups..), fixing the images, uploading them on the website, doing sketchbooks and all sorts of fantastic things .

Yesterday, she was privileged enough to run the gallery, and sell. Her part will remain limited to the work however, because she, unlike the other 3, has not yet bonded with her boss.

She tries to slip a bit of French here and there so that he feels they have a connection but well she doesn't think that's working. He was happy to see many people at the gallery yesterday so maybe that is going somewhere. Hopefully..


Rawane's bosses' dinner.

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