Friday, July 2, 2010

The reason why i love my bosses.

1st Email and how things seem to be:


Hi Rawane,

okay, i told you we usually expect you to be around at 9:30, german precision and in time. but...

take your time tomorrow. get to know the city. take great, exeptional photos and if you like stop by the office in the afternoon: feel free. but neither of us, ann or chris, will be at the office puncutally tomorrow morning due to some circumstances.

but from monday on, we will be very german again. in time, correct and hard working. expecting the same from you. :-))

i will be at the office tomorrow from noon till about 5 o'clock tomorrow. call me if you want to stop by:
0151 23 001 02 7.

see you,

2nd Email and how things really are:


by the way: i did not write that those circumstances were 2 bottles of wine and some other stuff we drank i don't even remember?

i wonder that i was still able to write that mail.
don't get a wrong picture – we usually are responsible people *g*

see you!

Haha .. Finally somwhere i belong :D


  1. Soooo coooool. Looks like you guys are having a lot of funa nd adventure. The BLOG is a great idea, I think we should implement it all over the summer training, That way I can keep up and no ned for all the stupid forms!.
    Have a great time and say hello to all, I miss you guys.
    Take care too and don't get lost too often!.
    Lina G

  2. Rawane!!!i think you re gonna be adopted at the end of august..
    I want u back!!!! :(