Monday, July 19, 2010

Fridays have their own charm ...

After work:

Destination One: Paradise.
We all met in the long waiting line to get into Paradise (Bar 25).
The wait didnt feel too long with all the beers in hand.

Swings, beautiful trees, performances, swings over the lake, raining, pouring, swaying in the rain, music, more performances, under a small tent, and under the rain, dancing, dancing under the pouring rain, clothes on, clothes off, shirts flying, dare to a dare, pants off, girls flying, girls swimming in the lake, one after the other, shirt after the other, boy after the girl, a Mexican and a Lebanese, over the lake, in the lake, and around the lake, suddenly a lot of flesh wiggling over and in the water: flesh, as in naked, and wiggling well they were guys.
Two girls, one name, one swing, two guys, four people, one swing, and one crazy swing ride, and they just had to end it with a kiss.
Crazy bar, seven crazy people, beautiful night.

Destination Two: Berghain.

The biggest challenge yet.
Out of the water, out of paradise, in the cabs, at the door.

There was no queue.
Round one: Fail.
Round two: two girls, one name, giggling, back and forth, a Rawane and another, walked a walk, and talked some talk, at the door, one look from the bouncer, and they are IN!!
Jacket off, attitude walk (something like we knew what we were doing), a blond, a brunette, walked The walk, determined to get inside, another look from the bouncer and they are IN!

It took all four of us a while to realize that we got in.
We took the stairs up to the club. Got to the bathroom, a special bathroom, one that is open for all: one bathroom, all genders. (Sharing is only and merely caring after all). Danced. Danced. Danced. Danced together, and each alone. Danced with a guy, while his guy waited. Danced. Danced with a coach and got coached.

Crazy night. Crazy place. Crazy people.
Walked back to the train station, heads held high.

They didnt want it last time. But now they did.
We know what they want. They want it wet. (That's what she said)

Got back home in the morning, had a nice and comfotable sleep.
Well most of us did. Dania got home, showered and went straight to work. That was just horrible!

We woke up at around 1.

Destination three: Lunch (well more of an aim than a destination but it works well for the chronology of the post).
Went to a nice cafe and enjoyed a good lunch, followed by coffee and desert.

Destination Four: Berghain again
Before we went there, we took a drink at a chilled out bar and then head to Berghain.
Long queue. Long wait. 2 girls, one name. found their way through the crowd. Skipped a long line of people. we joined them. and waited. We waited and walked and planned, and talked and waited and planned and planned and walked. Rawanes go in together. Dania and I go in together, and Nour goes in alone. We got to the door, rejection 1 Rawane and Rawane out! rejection 2 Dania and I out! And then Nour walks up all by herself, and there it is, we see her walking in as we walked away. It didnt feel too much like a walk of shame because we were all in desperate need for a bathroom and food.

And so early in the morning, we got to the closest open Mcdonalds, ate.
Got on the bus. Got back home.

Slept for a couple of hours.
Woke up.
Zeina Halawi and Nour left at noon.
It was only us and Rawane Jbara now.

Destination Five: Mauer Park. (SHOW TIME!)

Lady Marmalade, 5 girls performing, around a thousand people watching. We sang, they clapped, we danced, they sang along, we jumped, they cheered, it was a beautiful chain of cause and effect.

We left the karaoke place, heading to the park, 2 girls, one name, each on an instrument from derbakkeh to drums, tambourines to percussions , playing, mad skills with the hands, Dania, Tala and I run there and start the shaking, we took it all the way from Beyonce shaking, to Oriental belly dancing. We went on it non-stop and the two Rawanes were playing with the rest of them, sometimes trying to get the people to follow them with an arabic beat and most of the time they were just blending in.
They took turns, and while one of them played, the other one did a booty bounce, and taught a something-like-a-yoga dancer do the same. They bounced back and forth... it was magic.
A bit of things here and there, with a black spice of New York and a touch from Amsterdam, a blonde one on a high stool, massged by an angel, this day couldint get any better.

A nice dinner with the angel in a Mexican restaurant left us all mezmerized by his ways.

Finally we got home and had a nice good night sleep.

One long weekend, seemed like one exciting day.

Today, Rawane Jbara head back to Lebanon.
We are four again, only four.
A beautiful number.
One city.
Still that same city.

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