Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A peak from Berlin... Rawane's Berlin

hahahaha! Don't you just love Rawane!!


  1. hey girls,

    just read the latest news of u'r last days of adventure.
    u really rock the city! it's so nice to c how u discover and enjoy berlin. sometimes i'm part of u'r adventures and sometimes i just have to recover and get back my energy to be able to join u again.

    i enjoyed reading u'r diary. it's poetry, the photos r good :-) and the movies r creative. and i noticed that u already mentioned me in such a nice way. thx for the compliments! ;-)

    have fun, have so much fun cause it's fun to c that u have fun!

    c u (maybe) tomorrow at the concert of The Strange Boys!

    sleep well,

  2. hahaha dania.. ma32oul how egotistical i sound? "posted by rawane" 2al..