Sunday, July 11, 2010

PHARELL fo' ral!

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Thursday: July 8,2010

Woke up in the morning each at her own time. Got dressed, got going, and got to work.

As usual, and due to some of our downfalls we somehow all have a bit of anxiety when we are not together, at work we always find a bit of time to chat with each other. And by a bit i mean A lot!
So we were "working" and skyping Dania hits us with the news.

Tony Hawk and N.E.R.D, PHARELL (Fo Ral!!) Live in Prenzlaur Berg! (That would be an area close by, or as close as places can be in this big city!)

And so Dania, Rawane and I leave work early and meet at the station to head to the concert.

Wait, let me rephrase that, Dania and I leave work early and Rawane leaves the house since she had emailed her boss that day that she needs to work on the logo at home since she wanted to get dirty. (No not that other dirty, but the dirty involving ketchup, and other creative material she found at home).

So we meet and go to this huge hall filled with all them Germans, but they werent like the Germans we've seen or the ones we've met, they were a bit younger and just not very German.

We go there, and thankfully this time there wasnt a long queue and so we didnt have to wait at all to get in.
There was German band playing when we fist got there, their music is great, and fun, maybe slightly angry but still fun.
After that BOOM! TONY HAWK AND FRIENDS. Crazy on the Ramp! and by CRAZY i mean CCRRAZZY!! Amazing stunts, 360s, 720s, frontside 540-rodeo flips(and the list of numbers continuess... ), air walks,, front flips, back flips.. (yea, we knew what they were talking about!!) Anyway it was amazing!!!
And Dania got a touch of Tony Hawks sweat and she hasnt showered since. (and i dont think she is planning on doing so...)

They finished while scaring the ramp itself by their tricks. After around 30 mins
N.E.R.D .. PHARREL (for rall!!)


HE was beyond crazy on the stage( oh and didnt i mention we were on the fristtt first, like right-in-front-of-the-stage first row). He went crazy and we went crazy!


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