Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Friday July 8,2010

We all woke up early in the morning to go get our student IDs validated after being stopped by the "train police" because we needed to get a validation that we are students; but, that was quite a fail since we had gotten the high-school students ticket and not the university one. After that we had a whole discussion on whether or not to do as they told us(so that if we are caught again it wont be a problem)or to just wing it; and then after a thorough, deep, and quite analytical talk we decided to wing it. The geniuses that we all are!
Then Dania head to work, and on her way gets stopped for her ticket, and so there it is. Fail again!

Rawane, Tala and I had lunch in a cafe close to our home. It was a very chilled and laid back lunch followed by  a nice cup of coffee. Then Rawane went home since she had a day off, and Tala and I skipped our way to the station while singing Rogue Town the musical all the way through. :-)

The Germans have a need to recreate the beach and so they have Beach bars that are practically made up of: sand, long-chairs, and mm yea, no beach there, but everything that usually comes along with it. Oh wait, they have a recreation of it, sometimes they get those incredibly cool children's blown-up swimming pools that they put their feet in to get the right feeling. Creative, is what they are!

After work, we cooked dinner then met with Patrick and Claudia at a park by the river. We sat down, it was very soothing and relaxing, and they had few of those pools here and there. The view was enough to inspire and to imagine. And yea well, everyone imagined what they pleased, from dancing schtroumpfs(well not just dancing they were pretty talented those schtroumpfs be it dancing, or singing, or head banging, they practically did it all..) to a whole new world.

A little background on Claudia:
She is Patrick's friend who we met when we went to Paradise the first weekend we got here. She is very, very, and i think very is not enough of a word for this, but very chilled. She's very cool and we like to call her www.claudia.com since she KNOWS the ins and outs of Berlin. 

And then more people joined us and we went to an "Animal Party".. yea something like partying at the zoo is what we heard it will be. Some had printed out masks of animal faces and others had a full-blown animal skin on their backs along with furry uggs to complete the outfit. It was cool in a weird way. There was karaoke(those Germans love to sing!), and we almost waited long enough to put on another show but we left and went to "Weekend".

Weekend is a club in Alexander Platz. It is of two floors with the second one being a nice hang-out place on the rooftop of the building with a great view of the city. We stayed there until dawn and watched the sky lighting up.. it was beautiful. 

We then went down to the dance floor at around 5 and partied the night away, well more like the morning away ... 

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