Monday, July 26, 2010

It's time for an update

Thursday night:

It all happened so fast. Dancing under the rain in Badeschiff (that pub/nightclub/pool in the lake/sand on the floor place) was followed by the girls, soaking wet, running with Felix towards the swimming pool.

Felix: Our new German extremely tall friend.

A couple of minutes later I see Dania sprinting back
Dania's words: "Like a little munchkin with anger problems, the tiny bouncer dragged us out of the pool and attacked Felix. kaff men hon, kick men honik, this bouncer kept bouncing up and down to reach felix's face."

Zeina's words: "... One night. One pool. Rain. Bouncer. Angry Bouncer. kick. felix. ass."

And since Felix isn't a Lebanese-proud-i'll-make-a-call-and-bring-the-ghetto-to-kill-your-family type of guy, we were able to have a good laugh about it, and go on to an underground club called "Golden Gate".

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