Sunday, July 4, 2010


BERGHAIN is considered the coolest club in the WORLD.. the whole wide beautiful world. You know Skybar? White? All of Gemayze? BO18? Basement?.. yea well this one is cooler!!

"Berghain is what Berlin is all about: a brilliantly insane club of clubs for the all-out hardcore, take-no-prisoner party animals."

So we went to the train station at around 1 AM(because nothing in this city starts before that), waited for 20 mins for the train to get there, then waited on the train for a while before arriving to the area. We then walked towards the club, and there was a long long long queue. We waited, and waited. We only moved 1 step forward every 15 mins, so you can imagine how that went.

We get to the door, and were trying so hard with our looks to get in. According to Dania's research, Berghain isn't fond on letting anyone in if he/she isn't of the Aryan race (la Race Arienne!) .
According to Tala, if we release enough "Pheromones" ("A pheromone is a secreted or excreted chemincal factor that triggers a social response in members of the same species. " ), we'd be in a second. bouncers talk amongst each other at the door in German (they were like 3 men, very scary looking), and then one of them tells us:

"No, you're not going in"
Dania: "WHY?" (getting ready to go all Lebanese on him)
Him: We dont want IT.

We gave him a questioning look.
He repeats: It's selective. We don't want it.

We dont want it?? What don't you want?

Then with a sad face and a broken heart, we walked back right by the queue we were waiting in, and it felt like the walk of shame. We walked, and kept looking at the ground, not daring to look up and see their faces. Suddenly the queue felt longer, and never-ending.

So we walked back to the station, and as we were walking we hear 2 germans talking:
"diese armen Mädchen nicht bekommen, um in Berghain. Sie machen die WALK OF SHAME"

Tala turned to them and said: "YEA!" with the saddest face.

We took the train back home and were there by 4:30 am. We had failed miserably, but they will see. We will be back. And they are going to want it, so bad!

We will be back!

We came back home, and just wanted to go to bed.
Tala was sitting in bed, i went in and jumped next to her and hugged her, then Rawane joined next to me, and then Dania came and slept right on top of Rawane. We were talking, and next thing we know, we fell asleep, all four of us on one bed.

Dania woke up and saw Rawane's hair in front of her face. She panicked.

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