Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tis a sad sad day (prelude)

Ok... So before we jump into the excruciating devastating depressing loss of the German team and the way they/we (but mostly they) are dealing with this horrible feeling of emptiness, lethargy, hopelessness and grief, a quick update about the past couple of days.

No dramatization or exaggeration has been used in the introduction. It's that bad here


It was our day back at work, well, for Rawane and me at least: Zeina doesn't have work on Mondays (I know, shou hal ta2 7anak), and it was Tala's panicked first day.

Rawane is currently working on a business card for a guy who does experimental music, and I am working on a website for a kindergarten.

So anyway, Zeina, like the mama that she is, kindly woke up at 8:30 am with Tala and went to get her a phone number and dropped her off safely at work, where it's basically just her and four guys. She's very happy watching animation as it happens.

That evening, we heard about something called a bicycle orchestra where they do experimental music out of bicycle parts, but being the Lebanese that we are, we got there late and missed the whole thing.

So we ended up having dinner with Claudia then going to a pub nearby w yallaaa. Drinking games, fuzzy duck, ducky fuzz, who's the fuck, fuck the duck, funk the dunk and at some point we turn to the table next to us and ask two guys if they want to join.
That's how we met LARS the Norwegian and the other guy (no idea how to spell his name). They taught us a Norwegian drinking game called: Drink as you think and we laughed our asses off.
A few beers later, (and one Virgin Pina Colada) some gay French guys went crazy on a bar and we challenged them standing on our tables and shaking our bootays. We failed... Miserably.


Rawane and i left work early and finally went shopping at the supermarket. Well that took a good 2 hours more than it would usually take since everything is in German and mostly Rawane wanted to buy gummy bears and call it a night... But I got so excited to cook! We bought lemon, oregano, onions, garlic, lettuce and stuff for salad, potatoes, and I was expecting a beautiful chicken in the oven by the time Tala comes back from work..

We forgot to buy the chicken...
and the place closed.

So we ended up trying to cook the easiest thing in the world: hamburger and fries. oh my god the fries... BAD. I guess we burned the oil. They tasted horrible. They looked good though.

It was about 11:30 by the time we finished eating.. Shopping and cooking hamburger and fries basically took 5 full hours.
Tala slept. Rawane slept. Zeina and I went out at 1 am w uffffff a woohoo! Wild niight out on the town!


We basically went out, the trains closed half way to our destination and decided they wont open again till 4am, a few night buses, a few missed stops, a few "oh shit i think we're in frankfurt" moments, and we just spent the night trying to get back home, with a random sad Argentinian guy that we, i guess, adopted. Haram, he was waaay more lost than us.

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