Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our own little world cup ;)


Monday night.

What to say about monday night...

As much as i am tempted to share everything... there is no way.

I dont remember that much anyways ;)

What i can give you are bits and pieces.

Try to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Rawane, Zeina, And Nour (Dania's friends) finally got to Berlin . (Yes, we know it's confusing 

that there are two Rawanes and two Zeinas.. What are the odds)

Now we were seven.

Seven girls.

1 city.

We went out.

We went all out.

Beer botttles in hand.. and sometimes wine.


Club de visionnaire.

We chilled. We drank. More beer. More wine.

Music. House music.

Tequila shots.

1 tequila.

2 tequila.

On the floor.. the dance floor.. or was it the bathroom floor?

Italian guy.  Sweet Italian guy. Love was in the air.

Brazilian guy. Fabio. Little mustache. Chose the big hair.  A stripper. Samba. Yes, A stripper.

Argentinian Guy. A blond for the blond. Hello Argentina ;)

English guy. Bald. Little box. A secret box. A box for his hair. (What?!)  Not a stripper. Yet, he 

stripped. Twice.


5 am:  Home.. sweet.. un-air-conditioned home.­

"Sleep is commercial."


  1. Honestly, this post is like poetry :P!! hahaahha

  2. i gotta say. WHAT a post! hahhahahaha dania you better take care of rawanes, and especially MY rawane :D

  3. ...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAahahhahahaha... i swear to god u guys (ur blog actualy) gets me through the work day... rawane (MY rawane), AMAZING!!!!... and please tell me u didnt get into another one of ur drinking contests with anyone...

  4. hahahaha hayete Zizi :D no, no competitions... yet ;D